Friday, October 4, 2013

Whangarei Half Marathon and after

Had a great old time at the Whangarei half. A beautiful course including a lovely section of track and coastal roadway. A bit of hill for interest and a brand new bridge (Te Matau ā Pohe) added joy. I wanted to crack 2 hours and ran with the pacers tied to the green balloon for a few k's but lost them after the track and cracked 2.15.

It was really humid, an uncannily fine morning following a stormy, thundery night. One of my favourite bits was half way along the track where some extremely jolly young people were drumming. In my head I was running past acacia trees somewhere in the rift valley. Very impressed that the large, heavy drums were carried along the track by the young muso's all in the interests of keeping our spirits up.

Two weeks after and not sure what my next challenge will be. Cape Brett is definitely on the horizon for 2014, but unsure if there's a race between now and then or just finding some local tracks to run over summer.

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