Wednesday, August 28, 2013

gado gado - carbs are good.

Made gado gado today - my version of it at least. No doubt this is a million miles away from the traditional Indonesian dish which inspired it. Mung bean sprouts feature heavily in my ideal gado gado, but we are all out of mung beans so this is rich in cabbage and kale instead.

Basically, gado gado our style involves cooking up some potato cubes, frying off some tofu cubes, and whipping up a chilli, soy sauce and peanut butter based peanut sauce in a small pot. The potato cubes and veges are mounded up on the plate in a heap, then the tofu cubes are strewn vaguely atop (depending on the angle of steepness on the faces of your vege mountain). The hot peanut sauce is spread over and whole peanuts or cashews are added last as a luxury touch. Perfect food for a fork.

My main feelings about this dish is that potatoes and carbs in general are cheap and good for you, especially for active people, and there really isn't too big a mountain of them you can consume before you feel super full and resplendent. Note: best eaten two hours before a run, preferably just before a wee lie down.

p.s. I am just showing off with the Cape Brett Challenge 2013 mug in the photo.

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